Payment processing

Easy payments directly from advertisers to influencers. No more hassle! simplicity in essence!

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Painless direct payment

Receiving payment has never been easier before!

No more negotiations

Set your own price, availability, and type of post (story or feed) and make business straight out of your Znappu Salespage.

Don’t worry about accounting

We will provide all invoices using the information you need from our integration with your Stripe connect account.

Instant payments

All clients pay upfront, ensuring that your will get rewarded for your effort.

Grow as an influencer globaly – take payments from over 135 currencies

Do you want to go global with your influencer brand? We can offer bookings and transactions using over 135 different currencies, all for your convenience. Pick your location based on audience and clients and let us handle all payments! Grow, evolve, maximize your brand with Znappu!

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Scale your currency options

Let your customer choose from over 135 currencies

Fraud protection

No incorrect chargebacks thanks to the security transaction scan

Payment processing

Offer your customers an easy way to employ your services