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Take instant control over your influencer brand and start making money by selling your influence to prospecting clients! Set your own price and availability and let advertisers find you!

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Sales pageThe easy way to develop your brand and boost sales

The Znappu sales page is the place where you develop your brand and attract advertisers, much like an online shop specially designed for selling ads. You can kiss lengthy negotiations goodbye and replace them with a single, simple link. Znappu uses Stripe, - the new standard in online payments to simplify all transactions.

Manage your bookings easilyComplete overview of your schedule

Manage your entire brand and your advertisements in one simple app. Receive offers, get order details and upload ads through smart reminders to get notifications when it is time to fulfil your assignments. Never forget to upload an ad through smart reminders.

FinancesYou are in control

Keep track of your financial progress in Znappu wallet and decide when you want to cash in your earnings. Znappu can generate all necessary invoices for you as well as for your customers.

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We facilitate the work-flow for influencer that are changing the world and making an impact online

Are you getting thousands of followers but not making the money you want from your influence? Most people spend hours a day on Instagram, getting used by the platform for their profits. And even if they're doing "research" or using the platform to get traffic, they're spending way too much time on it than they could. Znappu is the only app ("platform") you need for your whole payment infrastructure, Schedule of posts, handling shoutouts proposals and much more.

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